LGV Modules


The Initial Qualification

There are four modules which must be completed before you receive your Driver Qualification Card (DQC), which must be held in addition to your vocational licence to allow you to drive professionally for a living.

Module 1a Theory Test Multiple Choice Questions. 100 questions Pass mark is 85.

Test fee: £28

Module 1b Theory Test Hazard Perception Clips. 19 clips Pass mark is 67/100.

Test fee: £12

Module 2  Driver  CPC Case Studies (1.5 hours). 7 case studies consisting of 6-8 questions up to 50 marks. Pass is PCV=40; LGV=38.

Test fee: £24

Module 3 Practical Driving Test (1.5 hours).

Test fee: £115

Module 4 Driver CPC Practical Demonstration Test (0.5 hours). 5 categories. You must score at least 15/20 on each, but need an overall score of 80/100 to pass.

Test fee: £55

Modules 1 and 3 represent the Vocational licence aquisition and Modules 2 and 4 are the Driver CPC elements.