Getting Started

Become a qualified lorry or bus driver


  1. Getting qualified
  2. Applying for a provisional lorry or bus licence
  3. When you don’t need the full Driver CPC
  4. Driver CPC part 1 test: theory
  5. Driver CPC part 2 test: case studies
  6. Driver CPC part 3 test: driving ability
  7. Driver CPC part 4 test: practical demonstration
  8. After you’ve qualified
  9. Fees
  10. The D4 form has to be filled in by a doctor. This could be either:

    • your GP - but an optician might need to fill in the section about your eyesight
    • a private firm specialising in drivers’ medical exams

    Your doctor, optician or a private firm can charge you.

    You can only apply for a provisional trailer (+E) licence when you’ve got the full licence for the vehicle you’ll be driving.

    Send the forms

    Send both forms and your photocard driving licence to DVLA. There’s no application fee.

    You only need to include a passport-style colour photo and original identity documents if you have a paper driving licence.

    SA99 1BR

    How long it takes

    You should get your driving licence within 3 weeks of DVLA getting your application. It can take longer if your health or personal details need to be checked.

    You automatically lose your lorry or bus licence if you lose your car licence.